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Walk for the World

This post is really just a sharing of what one of my all time favorite teachers is doing.

For the past couple of weeks I have been doing a walking meditation 3 out of 7 mornings up a hill behind the house I'm living in. It has been profound.

I might start out feeling lethargic, in my head about things, legs heavy and a bit resistant and then I listen to one of Dr. Joe Dispenza's recorded walking meditations and I'm transformed.

That is not an overstatement.

Dr. Joe says that if we are not being defined by a vision of ourselves and our futures, how we want to be in the world and how we want the world to be, then we will be predictable in our lives. We will think mostly the same thoughts, go to work the same ways, see the same people, feel the same feelings.

This is not a theory, he has the brain scans and data to prove it.

If our energy stays the same, we stay the same. If we are waiting for something outside of us to happen before we get happy, peaceful, excited then we will stay in the waiting place.

If you want the world to be a peaceful place, you must overcome the turmoil and the war inside of you to become peace now.

If you want the world to be a happy place, you must overcome your past grievances and hardships, allowing yourself to be grateful for the wisdom they've given you, so you can be a happy person now.

If you want to be filled with awe and wonder, then you must overcome your predictable auto-pilot nature of your looped thinking and repetitive behaviors so that you can become full of awe and wonder now.

You must be the future you that you want to see... now.

And that takes a commitment to change. To letting go of the caterpillar, diving deep in the dark chrysalis of the unknown so that you can spread your wings and let the uniqueness that is you fly free.

Today is the International Day of Peace.

Consider what it means for you to have peace, to experience peace, to be peace-full.

What does it feel like? What does it look like? How can you be it with each step you take, moment by moment?

This Saturday Dr. Joe and his group are holding the first ever global walking meditation where thousands of people are either gathering together in groups or solo all over our entire planet to walk for peace, for change, so they can see the future as they'd like to see it... in the now.

You can visit here for more information to read about the "what" and the "why" so the "how" becomes easier, as he likes to say:

There will be a small group of people meeting at Rotary Park in Moab, Utah at 8 a.m. this Saturday to walk together.

The meditation is pre-recorded and now available for you to download to your device so you can listen to it while you walk on Saturday. It is Free to everyone after you create a free account on Dispenza's website. Please have it all downloaded and ready to go by 8 a.m. so you can be in sync with the collective.

All of the instructions can be found at

I hope you will consider joining from the privacy of your own home or joining a group and grabbing a friend for this global event for peace and love.. for our children, for their children and for all of us together in the here and now.

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