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Hi, I'm Sarah ♡

I was born and raised in northwestern Pennsylvania in an old farm house on 100 acres of land where I was free to be a kid. I graduated college in 2004 with a B.S. in Biology, then moved to Moab, Utah in 2005, the place I feel most at home.


I’ve been a Health Coach since 2010 through IIN and a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2012.  I'm also an HFA-trained homeopath based on Grant Bentley's work out of Australia.  I've taken and been certified in many courses that cover beliefs and habit change, and am always curiously studying the latest neuroscience and exploring the mysteries of life.   I love staying current, continuously evolving and elevating my state of information and transformation.


I believe wholeheartedly in an integrative, ripple effect approach to health.  I believe in energy.  I believe that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.  It's how the heart talks to the brain and how the brain talks to the body and how we talk to ourselves.  I believe I can do the most good by listening - to people and to what their bodies are telling me, what their face and what their energy is telling me and then inspire them to connect more deeply to their heart so they can hear the messages their souls are telling them. 


 It brings me so much joy to have a heart-centered, grounded career that serves and inspires others to deepen their connection with their hearts.


I love what I do, the people I meet, the lives I touch and the lives that touch mine.  And I love coming home to my beautiful husband and our two divine children.

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