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Good Vibes, Results & Gratitude

Sarah has been instrumental in my recovery from major back issues. You won’t find a more caring and loving person to work with. Not only is she a great massage therapist, she opened my eyes spiritually and made me begin to look at my life in a different way. Thank You Sarah!

Rob Martin, Moab Resident

"When I first went to Sarah, I was struggling to even move.  Going up and downstairs was an exertion, sitting and standing was an exertion.  I was not in a good way.  I have fallen a handful of times in the last few years because I have been so unsteady on my feet.  And I was always tired, taking 2 to 3 hour naps a day.  This last summer I was having pain in my back and front that could not be explained.  It took a few months, but I no longer have that pain.  Since taking the [homeopathic remedy] that Sarah recommended, everything has improved.  I no longer feel unsteady on my feet, I no longer take 2 to 3 hour naps, and I have much more energy.  This whole experience has changed my life and I am so grateful that Sarah has been able to help me.   She has taken a genuine interest in helping me and has been very determined to help me.  I so appreciate her."  - K. G.

K.G. , 73 years old.

Sarah Cook is a masterful bodyworker and healer. My experience with Sarah has been transformative — she has taught me what it means to work with my own energy and to open my heart to all of life. As work in progress, I’ve have seen steady shifts in my health . . . my energy and foundational sense of wellbeing. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is serious about becoming the best version of themselves.

Kinde Nebeker; Integral Coach, Rites of Passage Guide

I was a ball of tension & tightness after a 20-day river trip.  I went to Sarah to get the kinks worked out and am so glad I did! She helped get my body back to a balanced state.  Her massage techniques are powerfully effective and she was able to gently soothe the tension away.  She’s a talented bodyworker who lives her work and her passion comes from deep within.  I enjoyed so much about the experience, from my comfort on her table and her calming space to her insightful conversations and down-to-earth sense of humor.  I left feeling calm, deeply relaxed, yet energized and inspired.  Thanks, Sarah!

Katrina Lund, Moab Resident

I live in Moab and  have been to Sarah for massage several times. She is one of my absolute favorites. Her energy and positivity immediately light up the room and you just want to chat, laugh, and spend time with her. Her massage is deeply relaxing and restorative. She is fabulous.

Aomi Coehlo

Sarah has helped me so much and so rapidly. My symptoms have not only improved significantly but I’ve learned so much more about my body, mind, spirit and how it’s all
connected. I love how potent yet simple and gentle homeopathy is. Thank you Sarah!

B.I., 38 years old

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