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setting intentions with heart

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

intentions & the heart

Wednesday August 16th is a new moon in Leo. I think new moons are a special time for setting intentions for another cycle of the moon.

Intentions are different than expectations. Intentions are the "why" to your actions, they're the life force to what animates your behaviors and decisions. Where expectations keep you chasing the dangling carrot, relying on external circumstances, intentions allow you to be moved by your heart's desires. The desires that connect you to the greater whole. This is who I am, this is what I value, and this is what makes me move in this direction.

In this way you allow yourself to be open to the unknown, to the unpredictable. You allow yourself to be surprised about how the universe meets you. When you set intentions from the knowingness of your heart, you leave yourself open to the "or better."

Instead of a cause and effect, logical way of moving - if I do this, then I expect this to happen - you can move from an intentional place and then cause an effect from that place. It's magnetic, it can't help but come to you, no chasing or striving required, just a surrendering to being honest with yourself.

My intention is to close the gap between what I perceive to be between me and Creator's love for me.

My intention is to feel free and to enjoy my life, moving from synchronicity to synchronicity.

My intention is to feel aligned, to have faith, to be responsive.

My intention is to feel good.

My intention is to love: be love, show love, spread love, receive love.

Intentions are the feminine aspect to the masculine aspect of action. They're your main source of power. If you're moving and doing things without a clear intention, you may feel disappointed or lost, confused or unsatisfied, expecting things that you say that you want all the while proving to yourself that you lack them.

You don't. You don't lack anything. You are perfect and whole and complete already. You can intend to feel that now. Your power is in the now. Creator wants what you want.

If you don't know what your intentions are, finding a quiet place to be still for a moment so you can tune into the answers of your heart is highly encouraged. Your heart is that place of union, that portal to the one heart of all hearts, where all answers lie. It can never be wrong. The heart is always there for you and with you and responds to the intentions you are continuously setting. Listen to its whispers and to its shouts and then move accordingly in the direction of its desires knowing you are fully supported, in complete belonging and incredibly safe.

"As you begin to shift your intentions from all others to the one truth - the intention to love - you will find that most of your problems and challenges dissipate and vanish." - Vagrein

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