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meditation for heart coherence

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Take a moment, right now, with eyes open, and find your center... this meditation is an opportunity for your heart and mind to come into coherence or resonance or rhythm... so in this now moment, bring your attention to your heart and breathe here... breathe life into your heart... as your breath slows and your breath deepens, feel your body begin to relax... can you bring your attention to the area behind your breastbone and in front of your spine?.... can you sense the space of your heart, in your heart?... can you bring your breath wide and sense the space beyond your chest... beyond your shoulders... beyond your reach... and with your eyes open, can you activate a feeling of love, gratitude, courage, honor, compassion or care in your heart space? which ever heart quality best speaks to you in this moment, breathe this quality into your heart, let it open your heart, let it grow your heart... breathe here for 5 breaths, feel it completely, bring your attention to the you who knows how to do this, feel this, be this...

What is someone thinking who embodies this quality of heart.. in their heart? How do they behave? How do they speak? How do they feel? How do they act? What do they know to be true?

Meditation helps us come into coherence on all levels so we can be who we came here to be.

May you walk through the rest of your day with this feeling resting in your magnificent heart, sending chemicals to your brain and nervous system that you are loved, that you are loving and that you know how to occupy this heart space with your eyes open. May you feel inspired to remember to come back here again and again until it becomes so conscious that you never forget. ♡

heart shaped rock lichen
I took this photo of rock lichen in Arches National Park, Moab, Utah. The emotional signature you send out is reflected back to you in your external environment. Be to See. ♡

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