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Cupping or negative pressure massage is so cool. I know last week I was going to write about something else, but that's the way it goes. I changed my mind. Because I just returned from a 3 day/24 hour workshop that was seriously the best training I've ever had. It was a fast deep dive review into all of the systems of the body and how amazing our capacity to heal can be when we settle our nervous systems, detoxify the body, release stagnant blood and lymph and invite fresh blood, lymph and qi (chi) in through negative pressure massage or cupping, clean foods, air, and water.

Once again what does it come down to? Creating space.

That's why I love cupping. Not only did I feel all of the treatments that I learned, but I now understand the why and what of what's happening in the body. Instead of compressing or pressing down on the tissue, nerves and inner spaces, we're lifting and creating space, encouraging stagnant fluids to come to the surface, moving toxins away from the vital organs and bringing fresh fluid to the cells.

  • We're lifting the muscles off of the nerves, reducing impingements = space

  • We're breaking up adhesions from scar tissue, repetitively used tissue and hypertonic muscles = space

  • We're toning skin by encouraging elastin and collagen, giving lift, body, and sculpting to the face and body = space

  • We're using stationary cups to lift and loosen the attachment points of the hip, knee, and shoulder joints to give those joint capsules more movement, flow and range = space

The role of the circulatory system is to bring oxygen and nutrients to the cells and to remove waste from the cells. That's why you get those circular spots after cupping. They are not bruises but rather celluar waste and debris coming to the surface to be cleaned out so fresh, new blood can come in, bringing in the oxygen and nutrients your cells need. It's so important to eat clean, whole foods and drink clean filtered or spring water!

The role of the lympatic system is to maintain a balance of fluids and fat absorption for metabolism and also to maintain our immune system so we can fight foreign invaders and stay healthy and strong.

The role of the nervous system is to maintain a healthy electrical communication between the brain and the rest of the body so all systems are working together in an orderly fashion for optimal functioning.

I personally have experience with lasting results from using negative pressure massage or suction cup therapy. It makes so much sense to clean out the pipes of the body, clean out the filters, remove debris and clogged, impacted waste and then replace that with clean, nutrient-rich fluid, food, and air all while creating space in the body for everything to move freely and smoothly.

For me, it always comes back to creating space. In the body, in the heart, in the breath, in the mind, in every cell and space in between so we can enjoy our lives.

I am really excited to be working on a menu of treatment options and packages.

These will include:

Facial rejuvenation cupping

Abdominal cupping

Sports and orthopedic cupping

Myofascial release cupping

Sinus decompaction cupping

Lymphatic drainage


Detoxification treatments

TMJ disorders

Cupping for cellulite

Cupping for trigger points

Biomagnetic cupping

Next week from a sandy beach in Mexico, I'll be crafting my menu so stay tuned. For now, check out for more information and to educate yourself on the benefits of this ancient therapy.

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