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frustration → love

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

I am frustrated…

that I keep repeating patterns.

that everyone gets it right but me.

that the pain in my body won’t go away.

that I do so much and it's not working.

that I'm still not enough.

I am afraid…

that something is wrong with me.

that change will be hard but if I don't, something bad will happen.

that I will fail.

that I’ll lose something or someone that I value.

that I actually am the one responsible for my life, powerful beyond measure.

I hear the request…

of the signs and symptoms in me and around me.

of my body trying to get my attention.

of my mind wanting to rest, to be quiet.

of my spirit’s desire to create, expand, grow, thrive.

of change, no matter how small, that moves towards my greatest good.

I am willing…

to quit making myself and others wrong.

to de-program old, outdated beliefs so I can align with what's true for me now.

to let my past give me wisdom and to say thank you for it.

to change my energy.

to feel whole as I am already, to feel alive, to enjoy my life.

I love myself…

and so I embrace a willingness to spend more time in my heart.

and so I release being defined by my problems.

and so I will prioritize connecting to something greater, beyond the material world.

and trust I am here on purpose, free to take up space; loved, loving and lovable.

and I’m doing my best with what I’ve learned so far.

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