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a morning prayer

May you feel free.

May you feel free to express yourself honestly and authentically.

May you feel free to create and to love without comparing and despairing.

May you recognize and utilize the power of your heart.

May you liberate yourself from the chains of limited thinking and old, outdated patterns.

May you liberate your energy to be used for your greatest and most high good.

May you be curious and willing.

May you feel deserving and worthy of freedom and wholeness.

May you see others as their own divine expression of oneness.

May you feel grateful for the glory and the wonder of nature.

May you see through the veil of life's illusions.

May you care more about what you think of you than what others think of you.

May you spend time moving towards your dreams.

May you give the gifts of receiving.

May your lives be fulfilled.

May your bodies be healed.

May your hearts be expanded.

May synchronicities and mystical experiences find you.

Amen. So it is.

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